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Alliance or Horde?

When I first started playing this game I started out as an Alliance because all my friends were. This was way back at the 60’s (Classic) and I was a loyal alliance for a couple of years.

After a break I came back as a horde at the 70’s (The Burning Crusade), and I’ve been a horde ever since. After several breaks, me and Batinna started up as horde again after the release of MoP. As of today, our two rogues are currently on the horde side, but our new characters (Thrott and Shifthappêns, Munkelus and Vivietta) are alliance. Since we’ve been playing more and more on our new characters, getting new friends etc, I’m finding it hard to play my rogue since he’s horde and we mostly play with allies now. And I’m really starting to miss my awesome rogue! (who is btw 50% done on the Thunderfury quest… just need the other binding lol)

I’m starting to get rogue abstinences (like trying to enter Stealth on my warrior but it doesn’t work), so something has to be done. Should I move my beautiful Undead Rogue to the Alliance?

Garrosh Hellscream

Looking forward to MoP 5.4

I guess you all know patch 5.4 is coming shortly, actually in a few hours.

I’ve been skimming through the 5.4 PTR patch notes and there are some really cool stuff I look forward to, which is mostly:

– Flexible Raid:
Raid difficulty will dynamically adjust to the amount of players in the raid. Instead of having just 10 or 25 man raids, now you can raid with 12 or 17 people and the difficulty and loot will automatically adjust. This is quite neat if your guild is missing a few guys for 25 man and don’t like to bring in randoms. Note that this doesn’t work with less than 10 or more than 25. There’s also no ilvl or role restrictions which is quite cool.

– Timeless Isle:
The new area for patch 5.4. I love the first days/weeks on a new place because it’s crowded with people which always is fun, and I love to explore new places.

– Proving Grounds:
This sounds very interesting! Think of Proving Grounds as a 1-man test dungeon where you can test and improve your skill in any desired specialization. It also has scores so you can compete with friends.

– Virtual Realms:
This is also extremely cool. A set of realms are now bound together as 1 main realm, which means that the realms will be just like 1 big realm. Let’s say for example that realm A and B is bound together in the same set, they will now access the same auction house, guilds, etc… it will merge into 1 bigger realm.

Class changes like usual. I see a couple of minor buffs on rogues and warriors which I won’t complain on as these classes are my main characters :)

Pet Battle tournament on the new area, Timeless Isle. I’m not much of a pet battler myself, but thinking of starting it… only have lvl 6-7 pets though.

Higher chance for epics in MSV, HoF, ToES and ToT on LFR difficulty. Sweet!

Sorry, this post turned a bit longer than I anticipated, but I’m so thrilled for the new patch.

I’ve also read a lot about the upcoming Micro-transaction store, but I don’t know if it’ll come or not. I testet the PTR (Public Test Realm) and the micro-transaction store was indeed there, but only with 2 items (100% XP potion and something else I can’t recall). If this micro-transaction store turns out to be implemented on live servers, I hope the 100% XP potion won’t be too expensive cause I’m planning on buying this :) Im jealous of all you RAF’ers!

Also, creds to Blizzard once again for making a super kickass trailer for 5.4. I’ve embedded the trailer from youtube below.

Enjoy, and see you on Timeless Isle!


Alt appreciation – #HuntersWeek

Some of you might have noticed Laeliweyn has started something called Alt Appreciation. It’s a time for all the altoholics out there where we devote our time to appreciate our alts.

The point is to use 1 week for each class (see the full timerange and class list at )

I didn’t see her blog post until a couple of days ago so I’m a bit behind, but I’ll start now with the #HuntersWeek which is the current class.


Anyway, back to #HuntersWeek – My hunter is currently a lvl 74 Orc Beastmaster Hunter called Hydra on Neptulon EU.

Disclaimer: I am not fakenicking the famous priest called Hydra, I didn’t even know him before I got all the whispers telling me I’m a fakenicker. I chose the nickname Hydra because it’s an awesome 3-headed beast from old mythology. Look it up.

The hunter class has always fascinated me and I found it extremely fun to play back in lvl 60 when I borrowed my friends account. I’ve never had a hunter myself, so it’s been a great experience to level it up. My first impression when I made my hunter was that the mana has been exchanged with focus, which is cool, and I no longer have to fill my bags up with arrows/bullets – BEST DECISION EVER MADE BLIZZARD :)

I also remember that I had to feed the pet quite often back in the day, or it would eventually leave me. This never occured to me on Hydra, sure I fed it a couple of times just to make it happy, but I don’t think they leave you anymore.

The spell I like quite a lot is Arcane Shot. I know it’s quite boring, but when you get the tier 4 talent (lvl 60) called Thrill of the Hunt you can litterally spam Arcane Shot as 1/3 of your shots will be free of cost. It can get a little boring in dungeons so I like to mix it up a bit, and nothing is better than doing some heavy crits with Multi-Shot.

One of the great parts about hunters is that you can have almost any pet you want. I love to have pets, it makes me feel less lonely when questing alone. I have 4 pets now:

– Bearstard (pun intended) – my bear tank

– Webmaster (pun intended again, since I’m also a webmaster/web developer) – my PvP pet

– Swineflu / Cat – my two DPS pets

Till now, the spider is my favorite PvP pet because it can web people. This is extremely useful in battlegrounds as it makes kiting 100% easier for me.



When I first saw Bearstard, it was truly love at first sight.


He’s been loyal ever since and helped me through rough times.



If you didn’t know, hunters are REALLY big, and this is just as an orc. Imagine a tauren hunter! (Yeah just kidding, Vaxigrip had some Noggenfogger)



I feel hunters are a bit OP, because I’m having an easy time in battlegrounds compared to some of my other classes, but there are still a lot of people who can pwn me… you just need the right tactic I suppose.

Don’t really know what else to write here, but if anyone wants to start a hunter I can tell you it’s really fun. Great class for those of you who like to slack a bit in dungeons and just do dps without the hassle of moving away from dangers like rogues for instance :)

Sicarios’ lame blog

Welcome to my blog where I will be posting stuff about my awesome adventures. These adventures may include geeky computer stuff, World of Warcraft, humour, motorcycles and so on.

Let’s start with something sexy; my bike. It’s a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R and I’ve had it for a couple of years now. Summer is carefully approaching now and I’ve had 1 trip so far. Looking forward to the summer.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

When I’m not out pretending to be this badass MC guy I live with my girlfriend and our 1,5 year old son. He’s pretty much everywhere so we’ve ducktaped all our shelves etc so he won’t mess our whole house up :) His biggest interest is to take toilet paper and rip it into tiny tiny tiny pieces because that makes it so much funnier when mom and dad has to clean up.

I also work at an IT department so naturally I’m a complete computer geek. I also have my own web development company but that’s kinda inactive because there’s only 24 hours in the day and those are already pretty occupied sadly.

Oh, here’s a picture of me: