Sicarios Undead Rogue

Alliance or Horde?

When I first started playing this game I started out as an Alliance because all my friends were. This was way back at the 60’s (Classic) and I was a loyal alliance for a couple of years.

After a break I came back as a horde at the 70’s (The Burning Crusade), and I’ve been a horde ever since. After several breaks, me and Batinna started up as horde again after the release of MoP. As of today, our two rogues are currently on the horde side, but our new characters (Thrott and Shifthappêns, Munkelus and Vivietta) are alliance. Since we’ve been playing more and more on our new characters, getting new friends etc, I’m finding it hard to play my rogue since he’s horde and we mostly play with allies now. And I’m really starting to miss my awesome rogue! (who is btw 50% done on the Thunderfury quest… just need the other binding lol)

I’m starting to get rogue abstinences (like trying to enter Stealth on my warrior but it doesn’t work), so something has to be done. Should I move my beautiful Undead Rogue to the Alliance?


5 comments on “Alliance or Horde?

    • Thanks for the reply anyway, haenlic :)

      Hood = Bloodfang Hood (you can chose to get the 60 version from Nefarian, Blackwing Lair or the 80 version from Onyxia – both look the same)

      Shoulders = Deathdealer’s Spaulders (you need to farm reputation with Brood of Nozdormu + get some items by going to Ahn’Qiraj 40man-version (lvl 60 raid))

      Chestpiece = Nightslayer Chest from Molten Core (lvl 60 raid, this is the rogue tier 1)

      The rest is from the Bloodfang set which drops from Blackwing Lair, this is the rogue tier 2.

      The weapons on that picture are transmogged to Perdition’s Blade from Ragnaros (Molten Core) and Dragonfang Blade from Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (Blackwing Lair)

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